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A day in the life of…a Parc du Cap resident

30 Mar 2022

Parc du Cap welcomes an international community from all sides of the world. And with a host of local experiences and activities, also makes this…

Parc du Cap welcomes an international community from all sides of the world. And with a host of local experiences and activities, also makes this the perfect environment for multigenerational living. Both our penthouses and our apartments are set up to make Provençal living as comfortable and stress-free as possible. So if you are thinking about buying a property or are a recent homeowner in the area, our ‘Day in the Life of…’ may inspire you.

We talk to the Swedish family and owners of a luxury two-bedroom apartment at Parc du Cap. Here they tell us what attracted them to the development and surrounding areas. As well as some of the best things they love about the French Riviera.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and where you are from…

We are a family of four – with two kids, aged 16 and 20 – we are from southern Sweden. We enjoy spending quality time together with our family and friends. Further, travelling is a big part of our lives and, of course, good times!

Why did you choose to live on the Cote d’Azur?

We are fortunate to have travelled extensively and have visited lots of fantastic destinations around the world. However, the location we keep coming back to and that really fits all our needs and expectations is the Côte d’Azur. We enjoy the possibility of beach life, good wine and food, lots of beautiful places, and nice people. In addition, the proximity to the mountains and good skiing is a bonus – from only one hour drive from Antibes.

What made you choose Parc du Cap?

Due to both being busy with our jobs, we desired somewhere that was truly relaxing. We were also looking for a home with convenient travel distance from Sweden. So, the South of France really ticked all the boxes for us.

In fact, Parc du Cap is our second apartment on the Côte d’Azur – which shows how partial we are to the region. We have been here for just under a year and have been loving all that Parc du Cap has to offer. Moreover, since living here, we have gained lots of new friends in the area. Therefore, another reason that keeps us coming back on a monthly basis – at least!

Tell us about your apartment and Parc du Cap life…

Our two-bedroom apartment is perfect for all four of us. The residence includes two large ensuite bedrooms – with high quality finish in all the details. Secondly, there are generous open-plan living spaces – both inside and out – with a stunning terrace – offering breathtaking views.

With regard to life at Parc du Cap, it is certainly made really easy. That is to say, a great service is provided. For instance, a helpful concierge service, 24-hour security, secure underground parking, and more. We also appreciate the residence’s ideal and central location with all opportunities within a short distance.

What is your preferred local activity?

We are an active family, so we really enjoy the variety of activities on our doorstep and within the immediate region. For example, a choice of excellent beaches to relax or for watersports, mountain hiking, and of course, skiing. Secondly, we are never short of a selection of excellent local restaurants. Finally, we also relish making use of Parc du Cap’s onsite spa facilities and playing a spot of tennis in the grounds. In other words, there is something for all of the family to benefit from.

One piece of advice you would give a new Parc du Cap homeowner…

Our top tip would be to not hesitate! The French Riviera has a wealth to offer and to explore – we are never disappointed.

Pay us a visit!

If you are interested in exploring more about our Parc du Cap penthouses and apartments, please contact our sales team. Caudwell Sales Consultant, Sophie Marsh, would be delighted to help you: [email protected]

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