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Realistic resolutions you can keep – at Parc du Cap

30 Dec 2019

January is the perfect time for self-reflection. It offers hope of good things to come, the chance to press reset and start new year resolutions.…

January is the perfect time for self-reflection. It offers hope of good things to come, the chance to press reset and start new year resolutions. It can also provide an opportunity to focus on improving certain areas of your life or even the impetus to try something new.

At Parc du Cap, we relish this feeling of optimism. Our facilities offer year-long-round benefits however the start of the year is when we see the gym and spa facilities being used with gusto. As goals are best achieved through consistency, here are our top tips for getting more out life at Parc du Cap throughout 2020.

Stroll more

Life is busy and flies by at a fast pace these days. That’s why it’s important to slow things down – and where better to do this than the South of France. Whether you are home in Parc du Cap for business or pleasure, getting out for regular walks is a tonic for the soul. Juan-les-Pins offers plenty of beautiful strolls, such as the coastal path in Cap d’Antibes (read more in our hiking blog) as well as the seaside promenade. The shopping boulevard and wide selection of local restaurants within walking distance of the development will certainly inspire you to get out and about.

You don’t need a wearable health tracker to feel a sense of achievement when you are enjoying the local area on foot.  Regular walks each day, even if it’s a ten-minute return trip to the local boulangerie or simply strolling around the stunning gardens at Parc du Cap will keep your mind and body in great shape.

Sweat regularly

Rather than contemplating a resolution around losing weight or signing up to an iron man challenge, think in terms of regular chances to sweat – and get those endorphins going! Make it part of your daily or weekly routine and set your own pace. Our state-of-the-art gym at Parc du Cap is fully equipped and air-conditioned.  The concierge can arrange a personal trainer for you, to help build up a regime that works for you or can arrange classes in the studio room if that’s your passion. For more social activities, the tennis court on the grounds is the perfect way to keep fit and enjoy yourself with friends or maybe even get to know your neighbours.

Make more time for you

Mindfulness is becoming ever more important in today’s modern life.  Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique that’s all about focusing awareness on the present moment. Start by taking yourself away from family and friends and sitting in one of our gardens or on your balcony, quietly reading a book. Head to our Zen area or spend some restful time in the sauna, Hammam or jacuzzi. Do some laps of the heated indoor pool or try some breathing techniques in our relaxation area. Whatever it takes to help you clear your mind, Parc du Cap is here to help.

Perhaps meditating is already part of your daily routine, in which case you’ll probably head straight to our Zen garden at Parc du Cap.  It’s an oasis of calm where you can sit in peace, with your face in the Riviera sunshine. If you’re intimidated by mindfulness or find the prospect of meditating too stressful to contemplate, you can still enjoy the landscaped surroundings at Parc du Cap.  It’s Zen, but without the pressure!

Embrace the adventure

At Parc du Cap, the ultimate luxury is time. With that in mind, perhaps your goal is taking up a new hobby. This could be learning to cook a new dish each week or taking lessons to improve your tennis game – both of which can be accommodated at the development via the concierge team. Alternatively, perhaps you have decided that 2020 is all about getting out and exploring more. We have so much to offer in the region; read our blogs on winter activities, living like a local, where to dine and exploring the Riviera by car.

Fix that niggle

Is there anything you’ve been putting off for a while? Something around the home which needs fixing or perhaps sorting some new outdoor furniture? There is no greater satisfaction than sorting out a job you’ve had on your to-do list for a while. Pick a day, clear it of any other activities and then just do it. Or alternatively, speak to the friendly Parc du Cap concierge who will be happy to help!

Sleep earlier, rise brighter

We know how important sleep is to our general health. However, our hectic lives mean we often cut corners with sleep and prolong our days. Start 2020 the right way by taking a different approach and making sleep a priority. Avoid reading your phone before bedtime. Change your rhythm by going to sleep earlier and getting up earlier. Here in Cap d’Antibes, you can take advantage of an early morning dip in the sea or make use of the gym whilst no one else is there yet. There’s no greater joy than early morning peace and quiet after a restful night’s sleep.

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