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Parc du Cap gardens: An oasis of tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle of the Riviera

Claude Monet once said: “My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.” With everything that has occurred during…

Claude Monet once said: “My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.” With everything that has occurred during the first half of 2020, we couldn’t agree more with Monet. Certainly, we have all had time to reflect on the importance of being connected with nature.

Here at Parc du Cap, owners are blessed with approximately 5000 m2 of totally private, beautifully landscaped gardens. We spoke to Parc du Cap’s head gardener, Erwan Serdan, about what makes Parc du Cap’s gardens so exceptional.

Capturing the essence of the gardens

Parc du Cap is situated just a short stroll away from local beaches, famed hotel resort Eden Roc and Europe’s largest yacht marina Port Vauban. Yet, once you enter the gate from the streets of Juan-les-Pins, the hustle and bustle of local life melts away.  There’s a sensation of quiet that envelopes you the moment you enter Parc du Cap. The garden at the center of the development has been designed to be an oasis of tranquility.  It’s a slice of Eden that can really aid wellbeing and delight families of all ages.

A voyage of discovery

The garden at Parc du Cap was designed to reveal itself in stages, as you move through it to your front door.  Firstly, at the entrance you are greeted with wonderfully scented, colourful plants.  Then when you stroll a little further and enter the main arena at the centre of the development, you’ll find leafy palm trees and local lavender in abundance. And finally, evergreen holm and cork oaks, glossy laurels, oriental bamboo and ornamental carob trees are dotted throughout the gardens to provide shelter.

Unique natural beauty

The apartment buildings are nestled within these beautiful gardens. They also wrap around the outdoor residents’ swimming pool and tennis court. Most importantly, the planting was selected to be luscious and green, with eye-catching florals creating a splash of colour in each corner.

In short, our landscape architect had a clear vision for the gardens at Parc du Cap. To take inspiration from the local Mediterranean setting whilst creating a tranquil space that could be enjoyed all-year-round. Above all, the idea was to give residents of Parc du Cap a beautiful view from their terraces during every season. Because of this, the garden at Parc du Cap has become the aesthetic centre of the whole development.  

Inspired by local flora

This is a Mediterranean garden that soothes the soul. Phoenix Dactylifera or date palms – the very emblem of the French Riviera – are scattered throughout. They provide essential shade from the sun and bring vivacious vertical lines to the landscaping. In addition, the gardens are home to a variety of succulents and cacti. For example, the beautifully shaped Agave Attenuata and statuesque Yucca Rostrata are indigenous to this area of the coast.  They flourish perfectly in this climate.

Finding your Zen

When you dive into the heart of the estate gardens, you’ll discover its pièce de résistance: a Zen garden. Certainly, there’s no better place to escape for a few moments to fully appreciate nature.  Here you’ll be surrounded by Hedychium, a flowering plant in the ginger family that is native to Asia. Other stunning foliage varieties includes the broad-leaved Alocasia and a mix of sprawling Plectranthus or Spurflowers. It’s a perfect place to relax after working up a sweat in the gym or to escape the midday sun.

A spot so special

It is hard to choose a favourite part in the Parc du Cap gardens. Around the corner from the tennis court there is a section of the grounds which evokes the true spirit of the French countryside. A private bench there provides a welcome moment of calm. However, a treasured spot surely is the little pier-like position at the head of the pool. In this location you have a view of the whole garden and really get a sense of the exquisite setting. Being at the centre of this little universe, in this spot you fell like the master of the garden, surveying your land!

Sweet sweet scents

One of the most powerful impressions visitors garner from a trip to this part of the Côte d’Azur is the scents you’ll encounter here. In the summer, the fusion of fragrances is intoxicating.  Specifically, , you’ll be transfixed by the sweet aroma of red roses and lavender, amongst the backdrop of piney shrubs.

Find out more about the scents of the South of France here, – in particular, the scent called ‘Garrigue’. These bushy, fragrant plants growing wild in the limestone hills of the Mediterranean coast fill the air at Juan-les-Pins. This vegetation provides the foundation of the Cote d’Azur’s unique fragrance: a heady mix of juniper, thyme, sage and lavender.

About Erwan Serdan

Erwan Serdan started his career in law before changing to serve the outdoor world 15 years ago. He and his team are dedicated to caring for the Parc du Cap gardens. They can be found meticulously tending to the grounds every day. They are always available to assist with recommendations for planting on your own terrace, or just to talk about to talk about the flora in the gardens.

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