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An astonishing art form of the 21st century returns to the Côte d’Azur

The Biennale has travelled right across the world to gather together the most innovative performances of our time.

This month the Biennale is back on the Côte D’Azur for the third time to showcase the very best in performance art in a series of performances all within easy reach of Parc du Cap.

Over 40 cities on the Riviera will host 65 shows between 11th January to 10th February this year.  Read here for the full programme which includes 30 world premieres.

To help you decide what to see and do, we’re sharing our top five picks from across the region.

Libertivore: Fractales

Anthéa Antipolis, Antibes, 29th – 31st January

Firstly, Libertivore gives us a fascinating insight into the future of humanity on an earth that is rapidly changing. Fractales is an energetic performance defined by chaos and fraught emotion. It has no beginning and no end, forcing its audience to engage in the moment.

Mirages & Miracles: Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot

La Cité du Livre, Aix-en-Provence, 17th January – 23rd February

Next try Mirages & Miracles. This is an immersive exhibition of new technologies, proving that the creative arts are right at the forefront of human progress. Put on a virtual reality helmet and question your own eyes as shadows become people and people turn to dust. Become engrossed in mini performances that invite you to question the world around you. Witness Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot, visionaries of the 21st century, pushing the virtual world to its very limits.

Here we are: exhibition by Yohanne Lamoulere

The Village Chapiteaux, Marseille 17th January  – 10th February

Check out this stunning photographic exhibition in Marseille. Yohanne Lamoulère combines the style of Raquel Rache de Andrade with her own, to capture life and changes on the Côte D’Azur. Each of her photos frames a silhouette within known and unknown landscapes of the region. These photos invite the audience to share a dreamlike experience of the French Riviera.

White Gold: Lighthouse

The Village Chapiteaux, Marsailles, 1st – 3rd February

Similarly White Gold: Lighthouse is worth a visit. Inspired by Herman Hesse, L’Or Blancis invites his audience on an immense journey of self discovery. Refined scenography, choreographed scenes, mixed with spectacular acrobatic displays and metaphorical imagery make this an explosive performance.

The Big Pocket Orchestra: Gorgomar

Forum Jacques Prévert, Carros, 8th February

Finally, take in Thomas Garcia’s new show. After the solitary adventure Monsieur Mouche, he joins forces with two musicians bursting to share their musical passion. The Big Pocket Orchestra takes its audience on a journey through love, laughter and total loss of control. Expect a mixture of quirky covers, original songs and plenty of personality.

In summary, there is something to suit everyone’s taste in the area immediately around Parc du Cap. We’re captivated by the creative arts and feel immensely proud that our part of the world is a valued destination for some of the world’s greatest artists. We hope you’ll take pleasure in the wonderful performances on your doorstep this month, too.  If you’re looking to be inspired by the visual arts, read here for some places of interest near Parc du Cap.

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