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A day in the life of…Caudwell France CEO, Reynald Lapitz

There’s a lot of teamwork that goes into the smooth running of a company like Caudwell. We have two completed developments on the Riviera –…

There’s a lot of teamwork that goes into the smooth running of a company like Caudwell. We have two completed developments on the Riviera – Parc du Cap and Les Oliviers – and two more in the works. Behind the scenes maintaining the slick operations is a team of 13 in Cap d’Antibes and London. And, at the helm, earlier this year we were pleased to welcome our new French CEO, Reynald Lapitz.

Reynald is an engineer specialising in building construction, with twenty years of experience in leading construction companies. He’s delivered major flagship projects internationally across France, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar, Romania and Poland. Recently, he oversaw the £84m restoration (12,000 sqm) of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London. Reynald is a French national and speaks four languages: French, English, Spanish and Russian. Here, we find out a bit more about our new French CEO.

What do you think is special about Parc du Cap?

When I first visited Parc du Cap, I was struck by two things almost immediately. Firstly, the atmosphere when you walk in the grounds. The garden is well-cultivated, and there’s a sense of calming the moment you enter the gates. You pass friendly faces and the concierge is always on hand to help with any task, great or small. There is a real feeling of all the comfort of being in a secure home.

Secondly, I was (and continue to be) struck by the quality of the finish in the apartments and facilities on-site. The finishings and materials are all extremely high quality, and the facilities are akin to a luxury spa hotel. Certainly, I don’t know of an equivalent development in the region. This really is a South of France residence for lock-up-and-leave living. We are proud to offer such a high standard residence with outstanding 24-hour services. 

What stands out about Cap d’Antibes?

I grew up in the Basque Country and Bordeaux and spent time in Paris and the Gabonese Republic. I’ve also had the pleasure of working and living all over the world. Consequently, it’s fair to say I have a passion for travelling and experiencing special places. I feel these life experiences feed the way I’ve lived and worked. Most importantly, these multicultural experiences have given me the ability to understand other cultures and bridge cultural differences.

So, moving to Cap d’Antibes has been another exceptional experience. First and foremost, the area is a seaside destination. I’m particularly fond of Plage Keller which does a great seabass – best enjoyed as you overlook the breath-taking Mediterranean sea. There is a fantastic international crowd here and Antibes is booming. Its marina has some of the deepest waters in the region so attracts professional sailors from around the world. Further, there is a growing business and entrepreneurial scene, attracting a real mix of companies. And then there is the skiing; it’s pretty incredible having mountains just 90 minutes away. In short, the quality of life on the Côte d’Azur is totally unique.

What does a typical day looks like for you?

No two days are the same in my role at Caudwell. My agenda is always full, I have a brilliant team around me and I’m frequently in meetings. I’m responsible for the sales, marketing and engineering teams so I’m regularly checking in to brainstorm and trouble-shoot. For example, we recently had several owners asking to expand their current residence size as a result of COVID-19. They were looking to create more spacious holiday abodes to accommodate their families. Therefore, to accommodate, we have been combining residences with available neighbouring apartments, converting them from two-bedroom to three-bedroom. That is to say, we’re extremely creative and focused on meeting the requests of our owners and surpassing expectations.

Day-to-day, my door is always open. I like to continually assess how I can support and challenge every single member of staff. I’m also in regular contact with the city representatives and local administrations. My goal is to ensure we’re collectively working towards the growth of a thriving community and economy.

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